Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sink or Swim? Or, Walk on Top?

Just when life settles down a teeny tiny bit, the Lord ever so kindly pulls the rug out from your feet and says, "Surprise! Just thought I'd remind you how to trust me again!"

Peter learned one day that he could walk on top of the water with Jesus. Who knew we too could walk on the water with Him? Why is trusting the Lord so hard for us? I like things to be completely settled and working out moment by moment just the way I plan them. Walking on water definitely isn't. You can't predict what waves are going to splash you - that's for sure.

Here we were, settled in our little one-bedroom apartment with an incredibly decent rent and utility bill, until the end of May, when our little guy would be 2 months old. Then we would be looking for a new place. But God put it in our heads that now would be a better time to move, and within a week of thinking of that idea, we had signed a lease on a new little house to rent and God had provided a new tenant for our current apartment.

It is so scary to make adult decisions! But I think, basically, it's less about our decisions than we think it is. I think, sometimes, it's just Jesus asking us to step out of the boat and walk toward him on top of the water...even though it doesn't make any sense. He asks for our faith and our willingness to follow, and then He makes everything work out the way He plans it. He's much better at planning than I am, too, since He already knows everything that will happen and has all the power to make it come to pass.

You don't expect things to come up. Like our landlord taking a couple days to respond to Nate's call letting them know that we have all the utilities in our name and are ready for the keys to the house tomorrow. That kind of stuff worries us. But again, things coming up are one of God's tools. When am I going to get that? God is watching over us...and as we seek Him, He is guiding us. We can follow Him anywhere...even out into the middle of a dark and stormy sea.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to Blogging

It's been in my head to get back to the blogging world for about 10 months now. I think ever since I tied the knot with my hubby Nate in May. I've had possibly every possible reason on my list:
- To get back into writing
- To fill in my family and friends with news of our household
- To have something to do online other than Facebook
- To just do it (because I love it)
- To express myself (being married to an introvert teaches you to find creative outlets for needless chatter)
- To tell people about my discoveries in cooking and housekeeping in general (my husband joined Twitter for this reason - namely, to display pictures of his delectable midnight snacks; however, that social network has yet to win me over)

But the two most recent reasons were the clinchers:
- To put up pictures of Baby C (who is coming in March or April)
- To talk about my new business venture with Families in Faith (and the Melaleuca company)

More of all this to come.

I think I may be the most boring person who uses the internet. I get on, check my Yahoo! mail, then Gmail, then Facebook, then wonder what else to do. Pintrest has yet to addict me, and as I said, so has Twitter. But I do enjoy reading blogs, and understand that many others do as well. I need an outlet, and I need a more personal way of keeping in touch than a Facebook newsfeed, and now I need a place to share my testimony about my business.

So, I'm back to blogging.