Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to Blogging

It's been in my head to get back to the blogging world for about 10 months now. I think ever since I tied the knot with my hubby Nate in May. I've had possibly every possible reason on my list:
- To get back into writing
- To fill in my family and friends with news of our household
- To have something to do online other than Facebook
- To just do it (because I love it)
- To express myself (being married to an introvert teaches you to find creative outlets for needless chatter)
- To tell people about my discoveries in cooking and housekeeping in general (my husband joined Twitter for this reason - namely, to display pictures of his delectable midnight snacks; however, that social network has yet to win me over)

But the two most recent reasons were the clinchers:
- To put up pictures of Baby C (who is coming in March or April)
- To talk about my new business venture with Families in Faith (and the Melaleuca company)

More of all this to come.

I think I may be the most boring person who uses the internet. I get on, check my Yahoo! mail, then Gmail, then Facebook, then wonder what else to do. Pintrest has yet to addict me, and as I said, so has Twitter. But I do enjoy reading blogs, and understand that many others do as well. I need an outlet, and I need a more personal way of keeping in touch than a Facebook newsfeed, and now I need a place to share my testimony about my business.

So, I'm back to blogging.

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