Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living TODAY

I've had two very similar conversations with two good friends of mine lately. They both resulted in this message to my heart:

Live in the present. Don't be owned by the past or afraid of the future. Just enjoy the now.

I truly think this is a key to peace in our lives. God carried us through the past and has already triumphed in the future; therefore, why would he not satisfy and protect us today? Trusting Jesus brings peace to my soul and quiet joy to my days.

But what does this look like in Real Life? Concepts are very good, but they do nothing to help unless they become changes in the dailiness of our lives!

For me, today, it looks like this.

* Having a to-do list but not worrying if the only thing on it that gets done is "Time with God"

* Picking up something creative and having fun with it rather than worrying about the stack of dishes in the kitchen

* Taking, yes, even an hour to play with my baby who is learning to sit up but needs close supervision so he doesn't face plant and smash his little nose

* Eagerly awaiting my husband's return from work this afternoon and planning how to make it special

* Enjoying what I have in my closet and not wishing I could go shopping for more

* Deciding that even though there's the possibility we might move in 4 months, downsizing, I'm still going to paint our bedroom and redecorate it, so we can enjoy it for those 4 months

* Savoring each moment, whether I'm cooking pumpkin, feeding Charlie, running to the bank and post office, fixing supper for Nate, or reading a book - worshiping God in my momentary tasks and relishing the joy he brings.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Scrubbing dishes,
Singing softly,
I stop.
Coos and squeals come wafting down
The stairs.

Wiping my hands,
Slipping to the stairs,
I creep.
Little feet are banging on
The crib bars.

Looking around the door
Peeking in my head
I smile.
Socks are off, blanket pulled up on
His tummy.

Stepping in the room,
Calling out his name,
He grins.
Kicking eagerly, he squeals, reaching up
His hands.

Picking up my boy,
Kissing his sweet cheek,
We laugh.
Grabbing my hair, into my neck he burrows
His little face.

Forgetting all my housework,
Ignoring my to-do list,
We snuggle.
Rocking in our chair, we love
Mommy-Baby time.

- Elizabeth Cravillion

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am resolved to be a woman who glorifies God, whose life reflects Jesus Christ and not just herself as "a good person."

I am resolved to walk by faith and rest in God's strength and wisdom each moment of my day, rather than letting my own plans overtake my mind and heart.

I am resolved to set goals only as a means to an end; that end must be God's glory, and not the satisfaction of feeling that "I" accomplished anything in which I can find my self-worth. 

I am resolved to take a breath and move forward when I am flustered rather than letting myself take its natural course of tensing up and losing my cool.

I am resolved to savor each moment of the day with husband and son - to take time to giggle with my baby and hold him as he eats, to hold my husband, and pray for him as he works - and not wish the days away with discontent in pursuit of the "if-onlys."

I am resolved to be thankful, with no "buts."

I am resolved to exercise my creativity and pursue things I enjoy rather than continuously getting caught up in work alone, to write, to sew, to take pictures, to paint and build. 

I am resolved to spend more time "being" than "doing."

I am resolved to take better care of my own body and mind and soul so that I can be refreshed and prepared to take better care of my family and loved ones.

I am resolved to learn how to better share Christ with others, not only in my loving actions but in spoken words, revealing to them the glories of a peace-filled life of following a precious Shepherd.

I am resolved to live freely, with laughter, and joy, to do fun things, to take adventures, to foster new relationships and stir up current ones, to be a person who reflects the bright, joyous side of my God.