Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Infestation of Stress

Mommy and daddy and baby. We've been suffering with a lingering cough/cold combo that has left Nate without a voice (very difficult as both his jobs require his vocal chords...customer service and leading worship!) and stressed both of us out. Charlie has been crabby and needy and by late this afternoon, all of us were tired, and crabby.

Great timing to start a project like painting the bedroom, wouldn't you say? We didn't put a lot of strategy into it, but started anyway. Nothing went right. I had to go back to the hardware to buy a paintbrush. We spilled paint. Various other mishaps. We were tense. Charles was fussing. What was wrong?!

Humbly, we went before the Lord together and asked him to heal us and to change our hearts and attitudes. Nate put on a playlist of our favorite songs, and we got back to work. Within a short time the tension had dissipated, but I was most fascinated by our son. Whining and squirming that had carried on all afternoon gave way to happy noises and kicking feet. His tension had given way to peace as well.

It's amazing how God works through the hearts of parents to create a safe place for little ones. When we were in unity, and trusting the Lord, our 7-month-old baby was at peace after a day of stress.

Oh, Lord, may my heart always be at peace in You so that our home might be a haven for our family and for anyone else who may enter here.

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