Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am resolved to be a woman who glorifies God, whose life reflects Jesus Christ and not just herself as "a good person."

I am resolved to walk by faith and rest in God's strength and wisdom each moment of my day, rather than letting my own plans overtake my mind and heart.

I am resolved to set goals only as a means to an end; that end must be God's glory, and not the satisfaction of feeling that "I" accomplished anything in which I can find my self-worth. 

I am resolved to take a breath and move forward when I am flustered rather than letting myself take its natural course of tensing up and losing my cool.

I am resolved to savor each moment of the day with husband and son - to take time to giggle with my baby and hold him as he eats, to hold my husband, and pray for him as he works - and not wish the days away with discontent in pursuit of the "if-onlys."

I am resolved to be thankful, with no "buts."

I am resolved to exercise my creativity and pursue things I enjoy rather than continuously getting caught up in work alone, to write, to sew, to take pictures, to paint and build. 

I am resolved to spend more time "being" than "doing."

I am resolved to take better care of my own body and mind and soul so that I can be refreshed and prepared to take better care of my family and loved ones.

I am resolved to learn how to better share Christ with others, not only in my loving actions but in spoken words, revealing to them the glories of a peace-filled life of following a precious Shepherd.

I am resolved to live freely, with laughter, and joy, to do fun things, to take adventures, to foster new relationships and stir up current ones, to be a person who reflects the bright, joyous side of my God. 

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