Monday, October 22, 2012


Scrubbing dishes,
Singing softly,
I stop.
Coos and squeals come wafting down
The stairs.

Wiping my hands,
Slipping to the stairs,
I creep.
Little feet are banging on
The crib bars.

Looking around the door
Peeking in my head
I smile.
Socks are off, blanket pulled up on
His tummy.

Stepping in the room,
Calling out his name,
He grins.
Kicking eagerly, he squeals, reaching up
His hands.

Picking up my boy,
Kissing his sweet cheek,
We laugh.
Grabbing my hair, into my neck he burrows
His little face.

Forgetting all my housework,
Ignoring my to-do list,
We snuggle.
Rocking in our chair, we love
Mommy-Baby time.

- Elizabeth Cravillion