Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Anniversary time!

3 Years with my Nate.

5 changes of address.

2 children (one coming within two weeks still counts).

2 1/2 years of church ministry as a family.

12 1400-mile round trips from Iowa to Kansas.

Countless Brewers baseball games on the radio.

Maybe just as many meals at Asian King Buffet. ;) Almost.

9 jobs changes between us.

5 seasons of Community.

Lifestyle overhaul for the healthier.


How do you encapsulate marriage in a few words? It's easy to rattle off a list like that, but when you look at each thing and just think about it all added up... It blows my mind.

It's amazing how God writes your story and how it's YOUR story and no one else's. No marriage but Nate's and mine could look like ours. It's as unique as the people who make it up.

There have been things so far in our story that I haven't loved, but I'm thankful that there has been so much that I have loved. There have been many hard times. Many. Stress that prevailed far too often. But we've worked together through the stress and let it draw us closer to each other and closer to Christ. And I love that.

3 years is not a long time in the grand scheme of things. Each year goes faster than the last. But 3 years hold a lot of memories already and I look forward to what the future brings because I can rest in God's love and sovereignty and I'm thankful for the man I married 3 years ago on a Kansas ranch in the summer sunshine and his faithful heart. 

What does your story look like?

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  1. Happy anniversary, Nate and Elizabeth! We missed your wedding because this is our anniversary date too. :-) 26 years for us and I agree with all you said. God is faithful!