Wednesday, December 5, 2012


There is a reason I fly to my computer when my baby goes down for his nap. It's the same reason I normally scour the cabinets and fridge for munchables. And the same reason I like to wear my yoga pants all day. Or turn the TV on in the afternoon when we are tired and waiting for Daddy to get home.

It's called a Refuge.

A safe place.

Where I can hide behind something else and not have to face anything I'd rather not. Like the counter full of dirty dishes, or my relationship with God, or laying aside myself to play with my baby for one more half hour of the day.

The Bible says that God, Yahweh Elohim, should be my Refuge. And indeed, he should be! He is so good, so satisfying, so awesome, so strong, so safe! So why would I ever choose a handful of chocolate chips, or Facebook, or a reality TV show over this mighty, incredible God?

It's simply because to find refuge in God is to turn my back on my flesh. In Christ I have new life, and my flesh has been crucified. But until I am glorified with Christ in heaven, my flesh will always rear its ugly, demanding head, and try to pull me back to its clutches. And it wants nothing to do with my Creator.

To find refuge in Yahweh is to leave self and past behind and move forward, joyfully confident that his grace will be sufficient for all he calls me to do and be today. He empowers me and gives me the courage to walk through my fears or laziness and bring him glory with my life. It's still a safe place, but not because I'm hiding from something else. Instead, it is safe because I am trusting in the One who keeps me secure no matter what I have to face.

Yahweh says, "Come, let's do the dishes, or talk about our relationship, or play with Charlie for just 30 minutes more." My flesh says, "No, thank you, I'd rather curl up on the couch."

Thing is, the freedom found in my Refuge in God makes me sing, whereas the bondage of my idolatrous Refuge makes me sleep.

So, today, do I choose a Refuge of dissatisfied comfort or a Refuge of courageous freedom?

I think I'll go grab my Bible and spend some time with the everlasting God.

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