Thursday, April 4, 2013


This morning as we dropped off a box of books, I took my son out to play on the playground at my alma mater. It was his first real playground experience and did he ever love it! He giggled with glee as he climbed up the plastic stairs and positively shrieked when he discovered the swinging bridge. He would flop down on his tummy and slide down to the middle of the bridge. It made me laugh.

We went down the slide together and sat at the bottom for a moment, sunshine on our faces. 3 years ago I didn't even know I was going to marry his daddy, but we used to walk on the sidewalk around the school and down the road, talking as friends. 2 years ago I was graduating and getting ready for our wedding. Last year Nate was graduating and Charlie was a few weeks old. Now he's sliding down the slide by himself.

God used Emmaus in my life in so many good ways. I changed so much. Grew by leaps and bounds. I was broken and poured out there, and then reshaped and remade alive. And God brought my husband to me there. I was remembering all the long years of singleness and how hard it was to wait for a man to love. And now I have a wonderful little home with my man, and we have a little man, too.

This week I have been thinking about thankfulness. It is so easy to be consumed by daily life and to allow the world's views and attitudes wrap around our souls. Lately I discovered I was becoming an entitlest. Yes, I made that word up. I was starting to feel like I was entitled to certain rights, particularly desires and expectations I have that I expect to be met. But freedom is not in getting what I want all the time. Freedom is in a thankful spirit.

I'm not entitled to anything! God gives to me out of the abundance of his grace and mercy! So every time I choose to be thankful instead of being disgruntled, or anxious, or angry about what I "lack," I experience release and joy. 

So in that moment we sat at the bottom of the slide together, I thanked God. For the sunshine. For Charlie. For Nate. For all the good God has given me. His gifts are so precious. He is so good.

Praise the Lord!
I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart.


  1. Wow, Liz, this was beautiful. I hear you, too, about freedom being in thankfulness. And about being entitle-istic. Mmmm. God is so good to bring us back around to center again and again and to give us out-pourings of His grace and spirit into our lives that leaves us warm and renewed with praise. Love you!! And wow, it's so weird to think about you having a son and bringing him to play on that playground we used to walk by all the time as students there!! Wow.

  2. I love reading your blog. Thank you for your thought-provoking and encouraging posts. :-)