Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Touches of Spring

It's been slow coming, but spring is arriving in our city. I'm a country girl, through and through, but God has placed me in the city for now. My bones ache to be out in the countryside, running barefoot in the grass and picking wildflowers. Lately, though, I've been thinking about finding joy in the little things, and being thankful for everything. So I've decided to capture spring on camera wherever I can find it in little splashes and be thankful for them. It's amazing how a leafing bush suddenly becomes beautiful even when it's stuck next to a brick wall in an asphalt parking lot. Or how that tiny maple seed sprout poking up bravely from a crack in the wall amazes you. God's creation is beautiful and when we choose to be thankful for what he gives us, it's like our eyes are opened to see just how beautiful.

Then, seeing spring through the little eyes of my son and of those children I care for at our home brings new delight, as well. Everything is a wonder. Just walking outside brings smiles and giggles. 

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