Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catching a Moment with God

Just a little thought. It's truly all I have time for, with a living room full of rowdy boys climbing in and out of laundry baskets and wrestling over the possession of bouncy balls.

Recently in a Bible study, we were discussing "quiet times." You know, that little peaceful moment you spend with the Lord. So refreshing and reflective. A mom of four mentioned that she had begun to see her quality time with the Lord as not only something she could do alone in the quiet, but as something she could do with her children around her during the busy part of the day. In her words, "I mean, I talk to my mom on the phone with the kids around."

It's been too long since I enjoyed a long quiet time with the Lord, and I miss it. Of course, it's my own fault, and hopefully soon I can steal away by myself to be alone with him. However, this morning as I was watching the kids I care for along with my own son, and desperately needing to hear from God, I sat down and read my Bible with Monsters vs. Aliens playing on tv and two boys climbing on top of me.

I was reading in the book of Numbers, and was challenged by the story of the Israelites, who "complained in the hearing of the Lord or their misfortunes." It struck me - how easy it is to complain to God of my misfortunes. Often my misfortunes are nothing more than a lack of sleep, a hectic schedule, a whining baby, or not knowing what to make for supper.

The Lord was angry and sorrowful over the children of Israel in this story, because they rejected him by complaining. Our ungrateful attitudes are a reflection of our hearts. Thankfulness shows my contentment with the Lord himself and all he chooses to allow across my path in a given day.

Instead of complaining over my misfortunes, I need to thank God for his presence, and his grace in the face of any misfortune I might be facing, great or small.

Yahweh is so good. He is all I need.

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