Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things I learned while playing outside with my son

1. Setting up the kiddie pool takes longer to do than the time he will be interested in playing with it.

2. He won't understand that the reason you set up the kiddie pool was to play in it. There's just too many other cool things outside to play with, like Daddy's grill.

3. Water and dirt are only interesting if you're NOT supposed to be playing in them. If they're okay to play in, charcoal, ashes and Mommy's flowers are more fun.

4. Dogs are cool. Big dogs are cooler. Even from far away, a barking dog sounds cool.

5. Sticks are great for banging together.

6. Dandelions are for eating.

7. You have to teach a kid how to eat a popsicle - it doesn't come naturally. What does come naturally is sticking the popsicle in the dirt.

8. Ice water is freezing if it gets dumped on your chest.

9. A sand bucket makes a great drum.

10. You should wear a swim suit even if you think you will be reading your book while he is playing in the pool, because you won't be reading your book...you'll be convincing him to play in the pool and you'll end up soaking wet.

11. Lawn mowers might be the coolest thing in the world to watch.

12. When it's over, you are going to need a nap more than he does. 

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