Thursday, March 29, 2012

Melaleuca Antibacterial Hand Soap

My family never used liquid hand soap at the sink, but that is one change that marrying Nate made to my grocery list. I was so surprised one day when he asked me last fall, "Honey, could you buy some liquid hand soap to have at the kitchen sink?" So I bought a bottle of Pomegranate flavored Dial that was rather salmon-colored, slippery and skin-drying. I still preferred to use a little Dawn to clean my hands.

Then, in my home-conversion value pack from Melaleuca that we ordered this month, we got a bottle of their antibacterial hand soap. I have it at the kitchen sink and I think I'm in love! It's a super cute bottle of cream-colored soap that only takes a tiny drop to clean your hands - and I mean CLEAN them. I hate the smell of food on my hands - onions, garlic, meat, etc. Dish soap never cuts it, either. But, this soap, in one drop, eliminates every food odor from my hands. I'm a fan. And I've been converted to a liquid hand soap user.

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