Friday, March 23, 2012

Projects for Baby

After arriving in our new house, I immediately started prepping Baby's room. I had gone 8 months thinking he wouldn't have a nursery, but because God made a way for us to move before he was born rather than after, I had the unexpected pleasure of getting his room all ready for him. I had decided to do teddy bears for him, and made a quilt (which I forgot to take a picture of and will once his crib is all set up) with teddies on it. Then, when I was at Goodwill right before we moved, I found the cutest little denim sports lamp, and on the spot decided to combine teddies and sports. When thinking of colors to use, I knew primary colors were my favorite, and that they were something he could grow into. So...I started sanding and painting and putting things together. I honestly thought the painting would never end, but it did, and here are the results!

First, the process of sanding and painting...

We bought this dresser for more storage at the old apartment and didn't need it once we got more closets here, so of course it's perfect for Baby! I bought the drawer handles from Ace and painted them.

This little table was a St. Vincent's consignment find. It didn't cost much and isn't the greatest quality, but it was perfect for a final touch. The lamp on the table is the one that started the sports inspiration.

This little hook rack started from a plain wooden one I found at Hobby Lobby. I think doing it was my first idea for using primary colors.

Then, the blocks. For some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to try making cloth blocks. I bought the fabric for these months ago, but didn't have the energy or time to do them until recently. The pattern can be found here:
They were remarkably easy and fun to do. Behind the blocks is a little ottoman that I recovered by making a patchwork cover.

Finally, the teddy bears. Now, my sister Rebekah made the little Green Bay Packers helmet for Baby, and he'll wear it himself at some point, but it fit teddy fine, so he's wearing it at the present. Then, I used fleece and a glue gun and scissors to create little Badger and Brewer uniforms. That was so fun!